Harris Black 2018 Staff Day

On Friday 10 August 2018 all at Harris Black attended the firm’s annual “Staff Day”. This is a day where we collectively review the past 12 months at Harris Black, reaffirm our core values and further develop strategies that will improve our service and better help our clients achieve their goals.

Guest appearances were made by Jack Perlinksi, from Dais marketing consultants and Troy Schoenfisch from Beyond Blue. The former invited us to embrace and promote our firm’s identity as an organisation that is focused on helping our clients achieve their goals whilst the latter promoted the need to provide support and understanding when a workmate is struggling. Both were well received.

Last year’s Staff Day saw all at Harris Black identifying ways to actively develop a strong Growth Mindset (one that embraces challenges and learning experiences in a positive manner). The Growth Mindset concept is now a huge part of how we operate as a team and with our clients. With the introduction on Staff Day of the “5 Second Rule” concept we’ve now extended this even further… “The 5 Second Rule” encourages us to move forward on those things we are avoiding. The initial move we’re required to make is often the hardest and that which stops us getting started on a difficult or challenging task. The key idea behind “The 5 Second Rule” is that when needing to start one of those difficult tasks, we should count backwards from 5 and at the count of 1, make a physical action towards the task, even if it is something that ongoing requires largely mental application. Our reference for “The 5 Second Rule” was a book of the same name by Mel Robbins. A lot of great pointers in this one for those interested in self-improvement both from a personal and business perspective.

As usual we made sure there was plenty of fun and laughter tied up our Staff Day learning activities… Blind-folded challenges, a baby photo competition and the creation of promotional video’s “off-the-cuff” were interspersed across the day and all were both extending and entertaining (hopefully the latter will look a little more polished before they hit our website!).

The Harris Black Staff Day was as entertaining and productive as always and ended with the entire team heading out to enjoy a belated EOFY celebration at 1889 Enoteca. As is generally the case with any Harris Black Staff Event, an exceptional night was had by all!

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