MJS Floorcoverings Partners In Business Conference

On 15th June 2019 Harris Black Director, Renee Bettenay, attended the Howard Smith Wharves complex having been invited to present at the MJS Floorcoverings Partners in Business Conference. To an audience of family business owners from similar industries, Renee spoke about ways to improve your business and also provided a timely update to all regarding what should be addressed by businesses prior to 30 June.

Economist Craig James (CBA), brokers Michael Kelly and Steve Carlton (RFS Finance) and Simon Taufel (Former International Cricket Umpire) also presented. The conference was a wonderful opportunity for family businesses from the same industry to get together and discuss issues and opportunities in their businesses.

Congratulations to Brett Sturgess and MJS Floorcoverings on running such a successful event. If you would like to see more please take a look at the following youtube videos.

Renee Bettenay | Harris Black
MJS Partners In Business Conference 2019

Click here for more videos.

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